Founded in 1989 in Los Gatos California, Los Gatos Home Group has been carrying the message to addicts for over thirty years. Any addict with the desire to stop using is welcome to attend any meeting, wherever you are in your recovery, and wherever you are on the planet.

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We invite you to join us in person at: Faith Lutheran Church, 16548 Ferris Avenue in Los Gatos For online meetings, we use the Zoom video conference app. See How to Join on Zoom.

LGHG Meeting Schedule

In Person- 6am Zoom - 6am In Person - 9am Zoom - 9am In Person - 6pm In Person - 7:30pm Zoom - 6pm
Monday JFT* JFT* Literature
Tuesday JFT* JFT* Speaker Women's Meeting
Wednesday JFT* JFT* Popsicle Stick Literature
Thursday JFT* JFT* SPAD
Friday JFT* JFT* Tag Prompt
Saturday JFT/SPAD* JFT* Speaker
Sunday Spiritual Principles Speaker Speaker

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