Contributing Seventh Tradition

At Los Gatos Home Group meetings, whether in-person or online, we collect Seventh Tradition Funds which pays for meetings costs (including rent, online service charges, and supplies), buys literature, and supports the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous Worldwide.

We accept both PayPal and Venmo payments for 7th tradition.

To contribute via venmo you'll need to install the Venmo application on your smartphone. Open the application, tap the Pay or Request icon, and enter @lghg7th as the recipient, then tap the Pay button.

You might want to choose the "Private" payment type, otherwise your Venmo transaction will be listed for others to see. For detailed instructions on contributing to Seventh Tradition with Venmo see the Step by Step Venmo Guide.

To contribute via PayPal you'll need to install the PayPal application on your smartphone. Open the application, click Send then specify as the recipient. Please specify "LGHG Seventh Tradition" as the payment note, and make sure it is a "friend to friend" payment.

Alternatively you may contribute directly to Narcotics Anonymous World Services if you prefer.